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Yellow Decor - Set of 10

Yellow Decor - Set of 10

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*** Discontinued glaze. Last few pieces remaining ***

50% off. Now:

The Set of 10 in Yellow Decor includes 4 x Large, 4 x Medium & 2 x Small.

Set of 10 price £ 74. Save £ 51

4 x Large "pasta" bowl. 25cm in diameter. This is the original starting point of the range and was designed to allow people to eat meals with just a fork. The straight edge stops you chasing the last bite.

4 x Medium "side" bowl. 18cm in diameter. Can be used for side dishes, to serve, and also with small "dip" bowls placed inside.

4 x Small "dip" bowls. 11cm in diameter. Perfect for dips, oils, nuts, olive pips. Can be used on serving boards or within larger sizes in the range.
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