The story of Edge Ceramics

Our plates come in four sizes

Stone Grey Collection

White Collection

Olive Collection

Terracotta Collection

Angle Blue Collection

Yellow Decor Collection

Grey Reactive Collection

Black Reactive Collection

"My dinner set arrived at the weekend and I love it thank you."

Jayne - Luton, UK

"First of all.....congrats on your website. We’re happy it is getting the attention it deserves.We love the plates."

Graziella - Dusseldorf

"My plates are absolutely beautiful and perfectly arrived all safe to me. Thank you so much again... Love them️."

Romain - Johannesburg, SA

"We are so lucky to have Mum @93 yrs. She is in the later stages of dementia and we are trying to make her life as comfortable, happy and stress free as possible. I was looking online for your clever and innovative crockery which would be perfect for her!"

Geraldine - Northern Ireland, UK

"I am absolutely thrilled, I've coveted them for ages! You're so clever, they're perfect."

Rachel, UK


Italian boards

Mexican Boards

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