Introducing our new platter collection...

Cutting Edge Design

Aaron's collection of ceramics are at the forefront of functionality & style. Lead by a cutting-edge design, they not only enhance the dining experience but also set a new standard for culinary elegance.

"You don't always need a knife".

Originally designed after an observation that people eat meals without a knife ( pasta, noodles, curry etc ). The straight edge acts like a knife in that you are not chasing the last bite around the plate. 
A primary driving force behind crafting this design was to enhance accessibility for individuals with mobility issues. Making mealtimes more inclusive and user-friendly, ensuring that the innovative straight-edge feature not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves as a practical solution for those with mobility challenges.
I hope you enjoy the range as much as I have enjoyed designing it.


More about us

Our pledge to support NICHS

We are proud to officially announce a profound partnership with the NI Chest Heart & Stroke. Through this partnership, Aaron Kearney Design is dedicated to empowering those less mobile.

Our aim is to bring back normality to meal times. “We know that in many cases those with limited mobility may have to use alternative plates & tableware to those around them and can often feel singled out and “different”.”

The beauty about our design is that everyone around the dinner table can benefit from them whilst still having an appealing aesthetic. This ensures inclusivity, independence and empowerment to all.

We pledge to support the foundation's mission, ensuring that anyone who has been affected by stroke will receive 25% off our ceramics and also donating another 5% back to NICHS in monetary funding.